Identical twins Jared and Jonathan Mattson have been playing their swinging songs up and down California for years. Among their many accomplishments, they were nominated for best jazz band in San Diego by City Beat Magazine, have a following in Japan, contributed a song to Thomas Campbell’s surf movie The Sprout and toured with the movie when it was released, and occasionally accompany Ray Barbee when he performs.
After perfecting their unique melange of hot jazz, cool jazz, and contemporary post-rockist tendencies through ceaseless practice and tireless gigging, the band has released Introducing the Mattson 2. The twins at their best here, along with Aakaash Israni, who regularly accompanies them on bass, and the disc features guest appearances by fellow labelmate Barbee on guitar, John McEntire (Tortoise/Sea and Cake), and host of other musicians.

Recorded by John McEntire at Soma Studio in Chicago and Monte Vallier in San Francisco, Introducing the Mattson 2 is at times evocative of Ennio Morricone, Charles Mingus, and The Chicago Underground Duo. This lush record contains surprise after surprise–from the warm tones of the opening song, “Longing of the Leftist,” to the Ornette Coleman tendencies of “Julian the Mountain,” to the sophistication of “Met,” down to the last notes of “X=6, Y=8.”