Welcome To the new Mattson2.com + A visit from t-moe

News about upcoming M2 record Cascade + visit from T-moe + Last weeks fun                                                                                 

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Without boring y'all with needless fill chatter, let us just say that last week was a week of pure musical and humanly stimulation. -- OH and Welcome to our new website! There is much work to be done but it is up and alive and will continue to grow and morph into exciting, engaging things--        

Important M2 News: Our inboxes are flooded with preguntas regarding our next full length release... As you can see in the photo, we met with our long time friend and producer Thomas Campbell. It was a super RAD to say the least. We fine tuned our new pieces and will head into the studio in January (right around the corner!) and CASCADE the new record will be released by Um Yeah Arts, Thomas Campbell's fantastically new multi-arts platform (http://umyeaharts.com/). Working with T-moe never gets old. When we come together crazy things start happening-- you'll hear-- so so rad-- Lastly we are excited to announce that our new record will feature Hot Pacific Maestro, Farmer Dave Scher (remember he played on Black Rain and Ode to Lou on Feeling Hands). 2014 will be a great year.     

Brian Gaberman: A Life In Transition

Brian Gaberman: A Life In Transition

LAST WEEK: Ray Barbee and the Mattson 2 played the ELEMENT release party for Brian Gaberman's gorgeous, new photo book A Life in Transition(http://us.elementbrand.com/c/blog/brian-gaberman-a-life-in-transition). At Mollusk Surfshop Venice we got to play for some rad LA locals and hang with some great peeps: The Bros. Marshall, Neal Casal, Benji Knight, and Farmer Dave Scher. Neal and Benji really know how to groove between the chips of Mattson 2 - human, sonic glue gentlemen!