HEY, before you read this. Don't forget to check out our performance tonight in San Diego at El Dorado…..Get your moscow mule on….We start at 9:30. 

"#icycaps touched down on march 25 at RAPT STUDIOS in culver city. The show features a wide range of signs artists and lettering enthusiasts from around the nation who are associated with The Pre-Vinylite Society, “a loose network of self-ordained sign enthusiasts and advocates for an improved urban aesthetic.” Curated by local artist Colt Bowden, of Voilà! Press, the show highlights the work of: Damon Styler, James Cooper, Brian Kaspr, Marcos LaFarga, Riley Cran, Bob Dewhurst, Phillip Morgan, Jeff Meadows among many others. The Mattson 2 (twin brothers Jared on guitar & Jonathan on drums) were also on hand for the opening event. The two are consistently able to weave a remarkably enveloping sound. Their upcoming full length album (“AGAR”) is slated for release in August on Um Yeah Arts an exciting new “multi-arts platform” helmed by skater/visual artist Thomas Campbell."

Content provided courtesy of The Poetry of Living visit their site for more photos and content from the event and to just be informed by RADness……All the best!