OK OK! First Florida then San Francisco this month

Ladies and Gentlemen (hope you are gentle), we have some shows this month we are looking very forward to Florida we will play the anniversary party for Compound Boardshop!  a great boardshop doing rad things to push the stick that moves bellow your feat with wheels on magical journeys through South East USA, Florida. The best part about it is that all proceeds will go to Mission Mexico a great group of people who care for the children of Mexico who need help. RSVP HERE-- Once we get back to California we will play the House Industries + Heath Clock launch event at the Heath Ceramics space in San Francisco!!!! RSVP HERE -- gonna be so fun we love what the oozingly creative people are doing!!!! The Mattson 2 go way back with the House Industry guys--they are great people doing incredible things (some of the most meticulous designs ever) with design and fonts (we played a Heath event and a Herman Miller event for House in loa Angeles many years ago; and on occasion the House peeps screen print a custom M2 logo on Jonnies bass drum…...----we go way back yo).    

Flier design by  Dustin Ortiz

Flier design by Dustin Ortiz