Jazzilla V ::: Wes Montgomery - The Boss and his magic thumb. Featuring Ray Barbee and DJ Dennis Owens

Drink Specials... Tune specials. This will be a wild one. Got some hard bop coming at you. Wes was a legendary force in our human history of guitar. And he played the Jimi Hendrix chord (E7#9) long before Jimmy did ;) Master of the ear. Didn't ever need to read a note. His magic thumb took the place of a plectrum... up stroke down stroke you name it. Indianapolis body with a West Coast heart. We will bring in the sea breeze in his honor.  

Mattson 2's November 19 Jazzilla presented by The Spare Room Hollywood

This month of Jazzilla will be inspired by the timeless funkified beauty of St. Louis native Grant Green. Unsung in many respects, his lines are some of the bitiest yet juicy around and they transcended multiple genres. We will feature some select Grant Green / "Green-esque" tunes. Additionally (per a facet of Jazzilla) we will be stoked to add some Green flavor to M2 originals that fit the vibe. Fellow twin Ako Jefferson will be DJing a set inspired by GG. Get ready to groove you swingin' cats!  (poster by Dustin Ortiz